About Us

Black and White Shirts was born in 1999 out of the desire not just to break the mold but to obliterate it: to say goodbye to the average for good and to strive to get the most premium fabrics to the common Indian. 


How are we different?

"Indian market is so cost sensitive, people are very price-driven, you need to sell a sub 500 Rupee product" are the lines that echo these days. While living upto this stereotype, contemporary brands really miss the point of manufacturing the garment, which is, How does it feel? What's the fabric like? Black & White Shirts has been selling offline across 200+ cities since 1999 giving its customers the Fabric Feel & Comfort they aspire for. We believe a shirt should feel like wearing feather and not yarns poorly stitched together at a cost that doesn't hurt your pocket. And hence, we source from India's best Mills and curate the best Weaves and Fabrics from across the nation to come up with our Crisp, Smooth Shirting.